Vanessa Delaine

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Australasian award-winning Singer/songwriter Vanessa Delaine was born with a voice that leave audiences breathless. Her crossover style encompasses Blues, Country, Rock, Folk and funk. 

2017 was an outstanding year for Vanessa Delaine whose music has taken the world by storm by winning hearts, new fans and awards globally. Delaine released seven songs in Australia and four songs in the USA. Of those, two songs off her award winning 2nd Album ‘Runaway’ hit #1 on the Blues and Country Charts.

Delaine released her 3rd album ‘Wild & Free’ in October 2017 and singles released from this album have charted in Top40 in Australia and Europe. She also released three music videos, two of which won fifteen awards at international film festivals.

2018 began full steam ahead with Delaine being awarded ‘Best Female Performer’ from American Tracks Awards. The Tamworth Country Music Festival was another outstanding event as Delaine showcased with Tamworth Songwriters Association and was a Finalist for ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ at the highly regarded Gold Medallion Media Awards.

Not only has she performed in top music festivals around Australia but has also toured NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, WA in the last three years and been performing on both sides of the Tasman since childhood.


“Delaine’s taps into a strong vibe to create an original blend of Country Blues Music and new album ‘Wild & Free’ demonstrates catchy songs fuelled with freedom, devil-may-care derring-do and plain old-fashioned whimsy…” Denise Torenbeek - Country Update

“I think it’s a fantastic album and so varied in its makeup. You’ve got your raunchy stuff and your bluesy stuff and it’s a meld of fantastic music. It’s a wonderful sound you have. You sing and play on your songs and you put everything into a song and it just goes over and above a normal in key person singing a song…” Mike Stewart – Good Morning Country Radio

“Such a great melody. We can’t get enough of it.”New York Film Awards

 "...She emulated stellar New Zealand born 1990 Tamworth Star Maker Talent Quest winner and latter-day superstar Keith Urban with success for an original song in the 1996 Capital Country National Talent Quest female vocalist..." David Dawson - Nu Country TV

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