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Standing in Line: CD
  • Standing in Line: CD

Standing in Line: CD

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Vanessa Delaine's secret 5th Album is finally revealed. 11 new songs, 9 of which were written by Vanessa Delaine and 2 written by guitarist Mike Barnard. The title track 'Standing in Line' was the last song Vanessa wrote for the album and the only song that has never been played to a live audience. Although production began in her home studio in December 2019, it took more than two years to complete this album. Producer Michael Carpenter (also produced Wild & Free' Album) came onboard in early 2020 and the vocals finally got recorded in Sydney in November 2021, after covid lockdowns and travel restrictions eased. The song 'Standing in Line' is a bridge from her previous album One Girl Band 25 Years (released 2020) to this new one. We have gone further down the blues direction, further down the country rock direction and some more gritty sort of things as well. The album has already received an award with 'Don't Give Me The Blues' making the semi-finals in the TSA National Songwriting Contest 2022 for Country/Blues Category. "It has been awesome to take our time on this album and make something that I'm truly proud of and it is very exciting to be releasing it out to world now".

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